Students are chatting with each others in the public area of dormitory apartment.

Neat, comfortable and friendly room.

NJIT canteens never fail to meet different preferences.


NJIT boasts 21 undergraduate dormitory apartments and 1 graduate dormitory apartment (currently under construction). All buildings are equipped with card-based access control system, with rooms using traditional mechanical keys.

We offer 6-person or 4-person bedrooms furnished with air conditioner, wired Internet ports, 24/7 Wifi and integrated furniture, which include loft beds with a desk, ladder, a closet and a locker, as well as chairs. Shared washrooms, lavatory and hot water are available in every apartment, providing students with hot bath, self-service laundry, and other full accommodation services.

The student dormitory area provides comprehensive service facilities of catering, shopping and leisure. Sports and fitness venues including outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer courts, as well as sports parks and small parks create an amiable surrounding environment as well.

A variety of cultural activities are also held at the dormitories every year aimed at cultivating a positive, peaceful, and healthy dorm environment that benefits students’ learning and living experiences.


Four student canteens are available on campus, namely Cuiyuan’s Canteens 1 & 2 and Runyuan’s Canteens 1 & 2. Jointly, these canteens serve a daily average of over 25,000 students and faculty. Each canteen is a three-story building, and maintains a clean and tidy dining environment with modern and bright decoration style.

Aim at providing healthy food, the four student canteens are comprehensive in their culinary offerings, taking into account student preferences and try to enrich and improve diets of all flavors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available, ranging from Chinese and Western cuisine of rich tastes and nutrition to local snacks, desserts, beverages and ethnic food of hygienic standards.