To prepare future technical and managerial engineering talents with global perspective, competitiveness, and social responsibility; to advance economic and social progress, and to promote scientific research for the welfare of mankind.


To be acknowledged as a first-class engineering university with distinct characteristics of application-oriented specialties that leads in China and renowned overseas.


The motto of NJIT is “学以致用” (xue yi zhi yong). The motto in English is “Learning for Application”.

Integrating learning, thinking, and practice has long been an excellent educational tradition in China since ancient times. More than two thousand years ago, Confucius said, “Judge people by their deeds, not just by their words.” This proverb indicates that “practice” is a good gauge for testing understanding. Today, NJIT is likewise pursuing a similar approach by integrating knowledge with practice in its mission of cultivating application-oriented talents.

The motto of “Learning for Application” further highlights NJIT’s commitment to embracing equal emphasis on theory acquisition and practical application, signifies the original mandate for teachers to conduct their educational work as well as students to achieve their full potential.